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Problem Converting .qvw in .qvf

Hello everybody,

it's not possible to convert my .qvw on the enterprise version over "drag and drop".

On QlikSense Desktop the conversion is sucessful but not on the enterprise version.

I uses the QlikView Converter on DevHub, too but afer converting the .qvw the .qvf ist empty.

Are there bugs because of the new version?

Thanks and regards



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The only way to converted in the enterprise (server) is by using the deb-hub, the reason is blank is because the documentation describes the following:

"After the app is created, you will need to work on it Qlik Sense app to add sheets and adjust visualizations. You may find that you need to come back to the converter tool and work on the converted objects, for example adding or removing objects, or giving them names that are more meaningful in Qlik Sense." 

Read under " Create a Qlik Sense app" 




Giuseppe Novello
Principal Technical Support Engineer @ Qlik