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Problem adding fields from a source in Qlik Sense desktop


I'm not able to add new filed from my table.

This is an SQL table and I select the fields that I want to add and it does not appear. I tried several times to add UnitPrice and as you see it is not QlikSense table.

I don't understand why I'm not able

I'm on Qlik Sense 3.2 SR4

Thanks for helping

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Re: Problem adding fields from a source in Qlik Sense desktop


I had a similar case, when a text field with a large number of spaces (in the source) participated in the load. Then the application of function Trim() for this field helped.

Most likely, the load is affected most by one or more fields. They need to be found. Try not to load all the fields at once, but gradually adding their number. This will detect the field / fields that have a bad effect on the load.

When the "bad" fields are found, even then you can try to understand what is in them prevents normal loading.