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Creator III
Creator III

Problem in SQL select

Hello everyone. 

I need your help. 

I have a table  (let's call it b) for which I created firstly a qvd, then I added incremental load, so in the where part of the table there is:

where updated >'$(Last_Update_Date)');


Later ,  a table that I made the qvd for, is  a .

Tables a and b share the field id .

For table a, I wanted to keep only the  latest id's that can be found in b, then concatenate with the rest,

with this  SQL select statement:

SQL select a.id as id,
from products a
inner join  questionnaire b
on a.id=b.id where  b.updated >'$(Last_Update_Date)');



The debugger shows field id can't be found.


Can you please tell me what is wrong?


1 Reply

Hi, @ioannagr .


Please, upload  the script or the log.


Jonas Rezende.