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Problem in Shared persistence

Hi Techies,

I have 5 servers in shared persistence, One is central node, Two are proxy(Proxy and Engine service) and rest two are scheduler nodes(scheduler and engine services).

My Central node and Proxy nodes config is same, 64 GB ram and 16 cores and I have one N printing server which has 61 GB RAM and 8 Cores.

I have created one app and published to one steam and SYNC to Proxy nodes(I have put OR conditions between proxy nodes then AND with App) with load balancing rule.

There are two cases in my problem:

Case 1.When I make connection between N printing Sep version to any of the proxy node, the execution of N printing task takes lots of time and I can say performance is not as expected.

Case 2. When I make connection between N printing and Central node it is far between Case 1 but the consumption of Central Node goes high, so it is consuming Central node resource rather than proxy nodes even though App is SYNC to proxy nodes.

Please help me to know this is how Qlik work, or I am doing something wrong ?

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Re: Problem in Shared persistence

Please drop comments on concern?

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