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Problem visualizing Sense Apps on iPads

We have several Qlik Sense apps that work fine on many devices and/or OS. But unfortunately, they don´t load on any iPad-. The login process completes fine, but when an app is started, we just see the "Bubbles" screen and the app stays there for ever (suppodsely loading) so the app main screen is never shown.

Any idea of why this is happening?


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Re: Problem visualizing Sense Apps on iPads

Hi Rene,

I really don't know why this is happening, but I'd check the new version of Qlik Sense.

Qlik announced this week the Qlik Sense September 2017 and they said that this version comes with Qlik Mobile App for iOS.

Check the video: Qlik Sense September 2017 - What's New - YouTube

Maybe this version can help you out.