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Problem when trying to loading my .XLS

Hi !

I'm a beginner on Qlik Sense Desktop and I try to do some things.. But first, I've a problem for loading my .XLS..

It's strange because I've loaded the entire sheet, but now, I retry, and nothing to do, it's impossible to full load.. I've just a little part...

I can't upload the .XLS (secret professionnals) of my society but the .XLS do 5384 lines, and Qlick Sense Desktop load me only the first 52 lines... I really didn't understand because the .XLS is not corrupt (663Ko...), and nobody to do...

Someone have the same problems ? Is it a trial version and it's for that ?

Thank's for reply and have a nice day

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Re: Problem when trying to loading my .XLS

It's strange, in the preview, my sheets isn't loaded, but after in my new sheets, when I try to do some graphics, all is here.. So I guess my problem is fixed...