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Contributor II
Contributor II

Problem with autonumber Rank creation


I want to create ranks for 3 KPI'S

I use autonumber for creating the ranks for each kpi. However if I join them back to the table together the rank from the 2. kpi is the same as the one from the 1. KPI.

Anyone knows why? or how to solve it?

Here is the Rankcreation:

load Region,Brand,Year,Month,KPI1,DealerID,
if (KPI1 >0,AutoNumber(DealerID,Year&Month&Brand&Region),0) as RankKPI1
Resident FactTable
Order by Region,Brand,Year,Month,KPI1 desc;

Thank you

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Is this for QlikView or Sense? I would like to move this into the correct product forum.
Sue Macaluso