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Contributor II

Problem with "if" in load script

Hello everyone,

I'm encountering a strange issue while working on a loading script.

I have this field:






I want to create two fields, let's call them B and C. Both are used to generate population class. The first one, B, have several classes (0 to 2499, 2500 to 9999, 10000 to 29999, and over 30000), the second one, C have only two classes: under and over 15000.


I have used this code:



If (POPULATION < 2500,'02500',
If(POPULATION > 2459,if(POPULATION < 10000, '250010000',
if(POPULATION > 9999,if(POPULATION < 30000, '1000030000',
if(POPULATION > 29999, '30000')))))) as B,

if(POPULATION > 15000, '15000', '015000') as C


It works perfectly fine for B column, all my population stamps are well written on the field, but it doesn't work on col C (which seems to be the same formula, even easier than col B).

On col C, i only have the '015000' stamp, on every line. I tried different ways, but it allways end up with results like this:

POPULATION            /      B      /      C

631894 / 30000 / 015000    <- B is OK, C is supposed to be '15000' and not '015000' because POPULATION> 15000

145        / 02500 / 015000    

Some clues about this?

Thank you

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