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Contributor III
Contributor III

Problem with services on initial installation of Qlik Sense on Azure

Hi, I'm trying to set up Qlik Sense on Azure. I've created a VM and on first connection there is a powershell script. I provide Service User credentials and passwords for database. Installation goes on and there is an error that some services cannot be started but the installation is completed.

In Server Manager I can see that 2 services aren't running so I've use the solution to set 'ServicesPipeTimeout' to 2 minutes. On restart those services are running but the 'QlikSenseEngineService' isn't.

I've tried to start it manually it starts for a second and then stops with an error: "The QlikSenseEngineService on local computer started and stopped. Some services stop automatically if they are not used in another service or program." (sometimes error doesn't show up but still it starts for a second and stops).

Why this service run before the change of 'ServicecsPipeTimeout' but then it doesn't?

EDIT: Correction it didn't work before, without 'ServicesPipeTimeout' it just take longer to stop after the restart.

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