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Creator III
Creator III

Problem with set analysis


I have this table : 

Date_of_ticket Number_of_ticket Period_id
July 2022 5 3
July 2022 10 3
June 2022 20 2
June 2022 10 2
May 2022 5 1
May 2022 7 1


I have this set analysis which count number of ticket of current month : 

=Count({< annee_periode =, mois_periode =, periode_id ={'$(=Max(periode_id))'}>} DISTINCT number_of_ticket)

The result it's : 15 tickets 

I want number of ticket of previous months , but the set analysis calculates the number of tickets for all years.

I get the following result 57 (all tickets), instead of only getting June 2022 data : 30 tickets

=Count({< annee_periode =, mois_periode =, periode_id ={'=$(=Max(periode_id))'}>} DISTINCT number_of_ticket)


Thanks you for your help

1 Reply

Your second expression only differs in an equal sign from the first, so I don't see how it should deliver the previous month instead.

Besides this neither expression should return the mentioned results given your sample data.

Can you please clarify?