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Problem with totals when working with relative values

  Hi all,

I'm using a pivot tible with two calculated dimensions as rows and two fields as columns.

The measure expression is this one:


count({<AllocTransfTransfStat=-{"CANCEL"}>}AllocTransfAllocTransfId) / sum(DISTINCT aggr(NODISTINCT count({<AllocTransfTransfStat=-{"CANCEL"}>}AllocTransfAllocTransfId),AllocTransfOrigMktDescrip,AllocTransfOrigMillCd)),

count({<AllocTransfTransfStat=-{"CANCEL"},AllocTransfInsDateYear={"$(=Year(Today()))"}, AllocTransfInsDateWeek={"$(=vCurrentInsDateWeek)"}>}AllocTransfAllocTransfId) / sum(DISTINCT aggr(NODISTINCT count({<AllocTransfTransfStat=-{"CANCEL"},AllocTransfInsDateYear={"$(=Year(Today()))"}, AllocTransfInsDateWeek={"$(=vCurrentInsDateWeek)"}>}AllocTransfAllocTransfId),AllocTransfOrigMktDescrip,AllocTransfOrigMillCd)))

Does anybody knows why are the totals badly calculated? How can I solve that?

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Re: Problem with totals when working with relative values

One thing:

I believe that "is not equal" should be -=, not =-


Re: Problem with totals when working with relative values

Thank you m w. I'm also used to write "-=", I don't know what happened this time. However, when I correct the expression, the output remains the same and it's correct... Maybe now it also works with "=-".

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