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Problems accessing the hub on the consumer node of a multinode server

We want to migrate from single node architecture to a multinode architecture.

We start with a single node server where we access to the dashboards, schedule and development. This server has an associated URL from which we successfully access both the qmc (https://mydomain.com/qmc) and the hub (https://mydomain.com/hub).

Due to customer demand we want to move to a multinode server

 adding a consumer node to the central node. From now on we will refer to the central server as "Central" and the consumer server as "Node".

We successfully install the Node server according to (https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/June2017/Content/Videos/Videos-join-node-to-cluster.htm) and we link it correctly to the Central server by activating Consumer Node Services (Repository, Engine and Proxy):


We have configured the two proxies the same and they are in Running status.


Then we have done several tests to ensure that access to the applications is configured correctly:

 Access applications with load balancing through a virtual proxy called uve:


And we link the two proxies:


This virtual proxy is what we use in a single server configuration, we just added the load balancing node and the Node as its associated proxy.

We have also enabled the load balancing rules which give us the following accesses:


If we go to https://mydomain.com/uve/hub and open the apps, we open them correctly with both nodes. Checking the logs we see that he has opened two apps with one node and two apps with another node.

From this point we want to access some apps only through the "Central" node and others through the "Node" node. To do this we want to do it through virtual proxies.

If we look at the configuration of virtual proxies:
Only use the Central proxy as Load balancing:


With the associated Central Proxy:


And if we look at the virtual proxy / uve we see that we have updated it to:

Only with the node proxy as load balancing:


With the associated Node and Central Proxys:


If we access the URL of the app with the node proxy, if the load balancing rule allows it, then we access the application correctly.

But if we want to access the hub through the Node proxy: https://mydomain.com/uve/hub

We get the following error:


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Did you whitelisted the central node hostname on "Consumer Node" virtual proxy i.e "vue"?

If not then do that first, as without that the access wont work.

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Hi @kaushiknsolanki  thank you for your reply.

Yes, I did it.
Like I said, I have access to the application if I type the full URL but not to the hub. If the host is not whitelisted it would not have access to the app either :S




Yes I understand that you would have done it in Virtual Proxy which is linked to Central Proxy, but wanted to check if you have done that in the Virtual Proxy which is linked to Consumer Node.


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