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Problems loadind special characters

Hi everybody,

I saw that trying to load fields that contains data with characters like '&' makes Qlik Sense truncate the row and it reads only what follows the special character. I also found out that this doesn't happen if the Excel data are text formatted, but I can't change the Excel original file and I'd like to know if there's a way to tell Qlik Sense to load Excel files formatting everything like text (using just Text() doesn't work).

I saw some old threads about this, I hope somebody knows how to solve my problem!

Thanks a lot to everybody in advance,

Best regards

Nicolò Cogno

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Re: Problems loadind special characters

Maybe use Text# ? Can you share some sample data to test?

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Re: Problems loadind special characters


Thanks for your help.

I don't think that Text# function exits, but using Text() doesn't work

Unfortunately I can't share my data but I figured out that the problem is the General format of the Excel file,  if I change it to Text format I can see all the data! Maybe I can convert the entire Excel file in a Text formatted file with VBA, I can't find any other solution at the moment

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