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Problems with SAML authentication

I seem to have gotten the SAML authentication all setup up except that after entering my credentials I am not taken to the hub on the Qlik server, instead it attempts to redirect me to the hub on my SAML provider server.

1. Attempt to access Qlik using the SAML virtual proxy:  http://qlik.server/samlproxy/hub

2. I am taken to the proper login page on my SAML provider: http://saml.server/login

3. After entering my credentials I am taken to http://saml.server/hub instead of http://qlik.server/samlproxy/hub

Anyone have any ideas where I went wrong in the setup?

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Re: Problems with SAML authentication

Silly question but, what value did you put in 'SAML host URI' when configuring?

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Re: Problems with SAML authentication

Hi Jeremy,

Did you find solution for this? In my case, I have setup SAML configuration, but when try to access http://qlik.server/samlproxy/hub, it throws below error.

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