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Product purchase vs Session

Hi everyone,

I would be really grateful if anyone can help me out. I have only started learning Qlik since Monday and have an internal project to complete, which requires analysis of a online retailer company, So I am very new to Qlik.

One of the requirements is to perform a basket analysis and found out the customer buying propensity.

Is there a way to find the products that are brought together in one session. So what products are purchased together and/or what is a customer most likely to buy. E.g. of some of the fields available to help answer this are:


Session ID



IP address

Please could someone assist me. My presentation is due tomorrow.

I know my question might lack some detail, but all I want is the procedure/calculations.


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Re: Product purchase vs Session

Please let us know if you are using QlikView or a Qlik Sense so we can move this topic to a more fitting forum.

May you live in interesting times!
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Re: Product purchase vs Session

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Re: Product purchase vs Session

If it is about analysis, not just a table with pair count it's worth to invest time and do it in R (arules library) not i Qlik.


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