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Public Holidays and NetWorkHours

Hi guys,

I have 2 questions - one is probably easy, and the second a bit tougher.

Q1:  I have a calendar where I am importing a distinct list Public Holidays.



Load Date From [$(vL.QVDSourcePath)Master_MS_Calendar.qvd] (qvd)

WHERE AustPublicHoliday=1;    --> This produces a list of 87 public holidays (that are valid until the year 2020).

-->It's in the QVD so I can use the same list of public holidays in multiple applications (and just update the Master Calendar in future).

However, I then want to use this list in the NetWorkDays function, as an array , so in place of the below:

networkdays (start_date, end_date [, holiday])  

I want to have:

networkdays (start_date, end_date, vPublicHolidays)

So Question 1 is: How can I pass the holiday values I've loaded into my public holidays table (if it is at all necessary to load them into a table...), and store them into an array vPublicHolidays?

Ok. Q2:

Qlik Sense Has a NetWorkDays function. I have to build a valid Cycle Time calculation between 2 days for transactions that are processed for an administration department.

Their business hours are from 8am-7pm.

Therefore, I need a 'Business Days' (NetWorkHours) calculation that:

a)  only accumulates hours between the 11 hours of 8am to 7pm

b) skips weekends

c) skips public holidays

To further explain this - 

1..total hours in a day is 11; and time is only accumulated between 8-7pm Mon-Fri

2. if overtime was done on a Saturday, and work was completed. it would count as being completed on the Friday (as an example).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Public Holidays and NetWorkHours

Hi Peter,

Please find below link it may help you:

Calculating Holidays in script


Arvind Patil

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Re: Public Holidays and NetWorkHours

Hi there,

Thanks for the response.

This is helpful however as per the question am looking for calculation that correctly accounts for Business Hours



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Re: Public Holidays and NetWorkHours

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas?



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Re: Public Holidays and NetWorkHours

For anyone interested, the answer was here Business Working Hours Calculation