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Contributor III
Contributor III

Pull text from word bank based on calculated expression rank nth value

I'm making an output based on loaded survey results for a company. After loading Based on aggregated survey results per company I calculate and rank 'insights' successfully:

Rank(avg({<[Data Set]={"First"},[Company Name]={$(vCompanyName)}>}[Question Score]) - avg({<[Data Set]={"Second"},[Company Name]={$(vCompanyName)}>}[Question Score]) + [Tie Breaker],2,2)

Rank calculatorInsight
1Insight 7
2Insight 12
3Insight 15
4Insight 22
5Insight 2


[Tie Breaker] is just in there so I always get a unique rank.

Ideally I want to create separate pages for 1 - 5 which pulls from a word bank based on each calculated insight which I'll eventually integrate into NPrinting.

Shouldn't be too hard but I can't for the life of me figure out how to only display text related to the records under each nth rank, e.g. for page 3 only displaying the text from about 5 different columns from the data bank 'Insight 15', 'Advice 15' 'Other 15' etc.

I don't have any reservations about which 'Chart' to use as long as it can pull at least one text field from the word bank, and I can re-use for the calculated 1-5 resulting line. If it could similarly pull images too that would be a bonus.

Any ideas?

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