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Q-sense visuals for variance in air freight cost

I am trying to create a visuals to help user find where to focus on saving for air freight spend.  I have an excel sheet with Record_Id, Shipper Name, Carrier Name, Departure Country, Arrival Country, Invoice amount, Chargeable weight, departure and arrival dates.  Cost variance of carriers used by shippers is what I am looking to have pop out.

I searched online for similar types of apps but didnt find any.  This is not for a transport company but for a regular business that receives shipments from suppliers.

Shipper A uses various carriers to get from Country A (lets say US)  to Point B ( lets say Great Britain)  --> American Airlines, British Airways, Qatar Airways, United Airlines, Lufthansa, Air Canada, Virgin Atlantic, etc.

I am trying to have a visual that shows who the most expensive carriers are - cost by weight of each carrier in relation to the average for all carriers or perhaps where it falls in relation to the min/max of all carriers?   Not really sure the best way to go about this -- its kind of proof of concept for Qlik Sense.  Any ideas are welcome.