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QAP Proxy Log: "Open/Close" connection messages in the users sessions

Hello Qlik Community!

I post in here in the hope that someone has found the solution in case similar to what is occurring here in the company:

We did the entire installation of QAP v3.0.1.0 on 2 servers with 1 public IP in each one (one with IIS webservice, the other with the Qlik tool). We publish a qvf on the server #2, and we include by mashup's the objects in the PHP portal hosted on the server #1, and access provided through a Ticket generated in the Proxy endpoint on the second server.

It happens that after consumption of the Ticket in the sessions of each user, after a certain time connected (that varies between each session) and already in the page where the graphics were loaded the session is interrupted with the error msg in the browser:

Websocket connection to 'wss // IP? URL ...' failed: Error in connection estabilishment "

We find logs in the folder "C: \ ProgramData \ Qlik \ Sense \ Log \ Proxy \ Audit" (attached) that display "Open connection" messages followed by "Close connection" every moment.

I wonder if this behavior is normal, or is it associated with any problem that could affect these user sessions?

If not, what can be done to minimize or eliminate this problem?


Luciano Garcia