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QLik sense desktop licensing


Am I allowed to use a chart exported as an image from QLik Sense desktop in a commercial presentation? Does such an image export constitute a Software derivative as per the licensing terms?

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Re: QLik sense desktop licensing

Hi Csilla,

Qlik Sense desktop is free. You can export it. You can create story too, which is like Microsoft PPT http://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/1.1/Subsystems/Hub/Content/StoryTelling/TellStoryWithYourInsights.h...,

where you can take snapshots, paste it to slides , add your insights and present to your client with lots of attractive features.

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Re: QLik sense desktop licensing

‌Thank you for the reply!

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Re: QLik sense desktop licensing


Can use Qlik Sense Desktop licence for internal work at company, this means commercial use?