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QMC Seperation

Hello, we have a need to allow end users from a particular domain into the QMC but only see the content that other users in their domain / group created.  In example group 1 sees users in their group, apps their group has made / owns, streams their group has access to, etc.  We're able to do this in the HUB with the resource Owner and effectively split out the groups so nobody sees another groups stuff... but once we provide access to the QMC it appears to be all-or nothing in that if we allow a user read only access to the QMC they will see ALL apps, streams, users, etc.

Is the only possible way to do this be with multiple servers?  Would that require more licenses?

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Re: QMC Seperation

I suspect you can do this with security rules and setting up custom properties to use in the rules. 

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