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QMC and HUB site can't be reached

Hello All,

We faced a "certificate error" when one of our user tried to login into hub using IP address. So, we tried to see how to overcome this issue in Web, There was a method mentioned in a site to overcome this certificate error. The solution was to change the virtual proxy edit in QMC.

Picture proxy.png

The above one is an example,Here we modified the prefix with "https://IP_address/hub"

When we had this certificate error, our user was still able to log into QMC and hub. but, Now after changing the prefix in Virtual proxy edit we are unable to access both QMC as well as Qlik sense hub. We get a error message like below screenshots.

QMC 404 error.JPG

site cant be reached.JPG

Please provide us a solution to access the QMC and Qlik sense hub and also to overcome the certificate error.


With regards,


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Re: QMC and HUB site can't be reached

i am facing the same error.

if you have resolved the this issue please enlighten us.

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Re: QMC and HUB site can't be reached

Same problem!
How did you solve it?

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Re: QMC and HUB site can't be reached

Try this:

I tried the listing the IP which didn't work but this fixed the issue.

Note that after doing so you may need to allocate a license which is covered by this white paper

Allocating Access Passes Information Guide