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QS Desktop not filling entire screen

I had this working fine.  Then I upgraded to 3.2 and now my hub opens up in about 1/4 of the window.  Any idea how to make it full screen?

I am not aware of changing anything to cause this and I don't see any way to adjust this.


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Honored Contributor II

Re: QS Desktop not filling entire screen


Can you check this link,

Qlik Sense Desktop - Screen Resolution Issue

Can you tried to upgrade to 3.2 SR1 latest version (i done see such a issue in this version).

if it's not working, then try below steps,

please take a backup of all your qlik sense app backup and try below steps

1) Try to clean qlik sense folder from registry

2) remove physical folder (qlik sense installed file location)

3) clean %temp%

4) try to re-install the latest qliksense version

Hope This helps :



Honored Contributor

Re: QS Desktop not filling entire screen

Just installed a Winows10 update that arrived tonight and now Qlik Sense is working fine.