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QS Variable Extension - Variable Not Recognized


I need to be able to switch between dimensions on a chart (for example switch between region, segment, and product). I downloaded the QS Variable extension which looks like it should do exactly what I want, but when I create a variable it isn't being recognized. I found online that you need to manually create a variable, but I do not know how to manually create a variable to reference the variable I created using the qsvariable extension.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Re: QS Variable Extension - Variable Not Recognized


in order to create a variable manually , go to edit mode ,

then you'll see in the bottom left corner this symbol


then you'll be able to create a variable manually

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Re: QS Variable Extension - Variable Not Recognized


I have no problem creating a variable normally such as a variable to be max date. However, when using the QS Variable extension you are able to add in drop boxes which will allow you to change chart dimensions based on the selection. However, since the Qlik Sense updates these variables are not being created automatically.

For example I have created a variable "vselectlist" to let me switch between region and segment. In order to have this work I need to reference this variable in the chart. But the vselectlist isn't registering as a variable and I don't know how to create a variable that will allow me to have multiple selection options.