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QSVariable Extension on flat table


i have a flat data table that purely shows the results of any changes made using Qlik filters. i have now added some variable buttons to remove the need for so many filters. this changes my charts as this is all based on counts and sums i.e.if(vType = 1, Sum(POLICYCOUNT),
if(vType=2, sum({<RTM={'GCS Stand Alone'}>}POLICYCOUNT),
If(vType=3, sum({<RTM={'SME Stand Alone'}>}POLICYCOUNT),
if(vType=4,Sum({<RTM={'SME Add-on','GCS Add-on'}>}POLICYCOUNT)))))


however how do i restrict my table to only desplay data based on a set criteria. This only shows columns with NO measures. What i want to do is select a variable button (button 2) and for it to restrict the data where column "RTM" = "GCS Stand Alone", button 2 "RTM" = "SME Stand Alone" etc. It seems like it should be obvious but im going round in circles. appears that you can only do it using an agr which i dont need to do. is it not as simple as =if(vType=1, RTM = {'GCS Stand Alone'},if(vType=2,RTM={'SME Stand Alone'})) ???



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Re: QSVariable Extension on flat table

I don't think i understood it all, however you can try this
You can try this
if(vType=1,if(RTM=' GCS Stand Alone', RTM),
if(vType=2,if(RTM=' SME Stand Alone', RTM)
I hope it helps
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Re: QSVariable Extension on flat table

I think you are saying you have measures being dynamically set with a button and now you want to do the same for dimensions i.e column RTM.

So let's break this down if you wanted to restrict this table to only a particular dimension value you'd create a calculated dimension in master dimensions. Something like...

If(RTM='GCS Stand Alone', RTM, Null())

Then exclude null values in your table... You want to take this a step further and make the dimension value dynamic. To do this setup your buttons under your new variable and do something like

If(RTM='$(vType)', RTM, Null())

Or Nest the ifs if you want to store a number in the variable instead of your dimension values.