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Qlik Branch - finding what I've subscribed to

Its been a while since I was in Qlik Branch and while I know a couple of Projects I followed (found those and saw I was still 'subscribed' to them (they just haven't been updated in a long while), I seem to remember subscribing to others as well.   I can't find a 'subscribed" link to see what else I may have found useful a year ago. 

Is there something out there that would show me any/everything I browsed or subscribed to a while back?

Lost my email archives in a hard drive crash and can't go back to older emails that may have been sent when I 1st subscribed.

Many thanks

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Re: Qlik Branch - finding what I've subscribed to

I don't see any way to tell what you have subscribed to.  That would be a nice enhancement though.

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