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Qlik Deployment Framework Several Tasks for Several Layers

We have started using the Qlik Deployment Framework and as part of creating several layers of QVDs, we need several tasks to reload the QVDs and this is exhausting the server.

For one application, using the QDF best practices, we have almost 20 tasks just to load an exact copy of the DB tables, then a layer for normalized tables, followed by a layer for data marts.

Are we doing something wrong? Are we supposed to end up with so many reload tasks?

If so, how is this managed from a server perspective?

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Re: Qlik Deployment Framework Several Tasks for Several Layers

Hello Phil,

as far as I know, the Qlik Deployment framework (QDF) does not recommend anything related to reload task design.

So why don' t you put all your extraction scripts into one single Qlik script code (i.e. a single Qlik application) and just reload this application via the task manager in the Qlik Management Console (QMC)?


Best regards,

The Fitness Captain