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Creator III
Creator III

Qlik Gantt chart terminology explanation

At first sight, the Gantt chart type of visualization may look difficult to understand. But frankly, they are far from rocket science, and moreover, they are really helpful — you'll see!

📜 Here's Qlik Gantt chart terminology explained. Look at the pictures at the bottom of this post: the first one is a visualization of project activities, and the second one shows resources. Then read below and feel free to ask your questions if any.

The table on the left side of a Gantt chart displays the text information. By default, it includes two columns: a row index column, and a dimension column showing dimensions (tasks and groups of tasks in a Project Gantt chart, and resources and groups of resources in a Resource chart).

The chart area on the right side shows elements:

  • actual bars (representing the actual duration of each tasks), baseline bars (planned durations), milestones (zero-duration events), etc. — in Project Gantt charts, or
  • periods (representing periods of time) and milestones (zero-duration events) — in Resource charts.

It is also possible to show the progress of tasks as well as hierarchical relationships and connections between them.

⚙️ The available settings of elements in Qlik Gantt charts include but are not limited to customization of colors / color by expression, labels, and tooltips. You can also add reference lines and reference ranges, configure the scale, timeline, and toolbar, set the locale and the starting month of the fiscal year, etc.

ℹ️➡️ That's from the AnyGantt for Qlik Documentation where you can learn more.

Project Gantt chart:


Resource chart:


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