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Qlik GeoAnalysitcs / QlikGeo

Hi Im trying to create map reports in QlikSense Desktop, where im able to plot only one dimension and 1 or 2 measures. I have installed install QlikGeo for QlikSense and "IdevioGeoAnalyticsPlus64bitSetup_1.6.1" but im not able to open the GeoAnalytics Connector and not able to start the Console for the GeoAnalytics. Apart from that i have installed the  Idevioexertions but im not able to create any report from those extensions.

Actually im new to Qlik sense.

what is the use of QlikGeo

what is the Use of Geo Anlaytics Plus.

Coud some one help what are the steps and approaches for the installations of QlikGeo and creation of Map reports.

Idevio Url.PNGextension.PNG

But not able to create any report when i drag diemsnion / metrics it givng blank map.

GeoAnalytics Server Url.PNG

Even i have installed IdevioGeoAnalyticsConnector"" and even for the server url i have provided hte above link and connection is oke.

what i need to do next to open the Geo Analytics console and to install GeoQlik.


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Re: Qlik GeoAnalysitcs / QlikGeo

Hi Ramesh,

Have you entered a valid License Key for GeoAnalytics?

It will only enable utilization through a key. I'm asking because in the screen shot you posted, there's an empty string on your key during the installation.



Re: Qlik GeoAnalysitcs / QlikGeo

Felip, Thanks for your reply.

I didn't have the license key i'm looking for trail edition.

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