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Contributor III
Contributor III

Qlik Sense - Access Denied message after republish


I've got a bit of an odd one which I'm having trouble getting to the bottom of.

I have an app published to a stream and I need to make a small change, I duplicate the app and make the change of adding an extra year to a fixed value dropdown on a variable input extension.

After republishing all users get the message "an error occured: access is denied", but then the app loads anyway and everything still works fine.


There is no section access in the app and some of the scenarios I've tried -

- the message still appears if I reload the app with "load 1 as test autogenerate 1;exit script;"

- If I republish a second unchanged copy that I duplicated at the same time as the other one then there's no error shown, it only appears if I make a change to the app.

- If I open the changed app in my workstream the app loads and it doesn't show the error message.

- There are other apps in the same stream using the same extension which I've made the same change to and they've been republished without issue.

- If I publish the changed app to the stream but under a different name it doesn't show the message.

- If I copy the changed app to  a different environment and publish to a stream it doesn't show the message even if I then duplicate > make another change > republish.


So any ideas or other things to try?

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