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Qlik Sense Alternate Sense

I created a sheet in QLik Sense with Alternate State function in a graph and filters and then make a copy of the app. After I reopen the  original app, the visualization is not working and alert me with invalid dimension, which is not possible to fix, unless I delete the copy of the app.

Have you already experienced such a problem? Do you have any suggestion to solve the problem. I used Qlik Sense Desktop version.


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Re: Qlik Sense Alternate Sense


For getting the alternate states, ru using any extensions.?


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Re: Qlik Sense Alternate Sense

Yes, I use alternate state box and set object state. The dimension in graph is defined as variable in a Variable Extension with multiple dimension inside.

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Re: Qlik Sense Alternate Sense

Hi Michal,

i left the idea of using the extension when I discovered how to build alternate states with data islands and set analysis.

Attaching an example.

If you have any questions or need me to explain let me know.

Kind regards,

Chris. !