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Qlik Sense Alternate States

Hi all, 

Attached is a screenshot of my Qlik Sense dashboard.


I am currently facing challenges in doing the alternate states. What i want to be able to do is:

The filter " Select Scholarship Type" to affect both KPIs , '49'. 

The filter " Set CGPA requirement" to only affect the right side KPI. 

To put it more simply, the first filter must affect both charts, the second filter must only affect the 2nd chart. 


Please do let me know if there is a solution. Thanks for your time! 

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Re: Qlik Sense Alternate States

This might be a possible solution, without extensions:

Alternate states (without extensions)


That said, there are extensions for Qlik Sense that let you create alternate states without having to change your datamodel and so on. (For example: Alternate States extension)


Re: Qlik Sense Alternate States