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Qlik Sense Alternate states


I'm working at a client's premises on a project with Qlik Sense

There is a need for Alternate States usage

and we found out that there are extensions for this purpose

but the client is wondering if these extensions are reliable especially after upgrading Qlik Sense to a newer version

Please advise

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Re: Qlik Sense Alternate states


In my opinion, a reliable extension can only be one that you either created, or you can 100% fix it yourself. In other cases, there are always risks. Even if for today the extension is excellent and is supported by the developer.

It's just my personal opinion.



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Re: Qlik Sense Alternate states

I agree with Andrey.  Until Qlik certifies and supports extensions then I would not build a critical app using one.  I have seen too many break or be neglected under the current system.

If you can write your own and support it then you should be ok.

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Re: Qlik Sense Alternate states

You would have to test with the client, but I would be careful for sure. Not easy to know to be honest and it could crash when you upgrade.

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Re: Qlik Sense Alternate states


I agree: while it is not likely that the alternate state functionality will break the extension might very well break in a future Qlik Sense release, even if it only uses the published APIs. Somebody needs to take responsibility for the extension, before upgrading your Qlik Sense installation you need to verify that the extension works with the new version and posibly not upgrade if it doesn't. 


Erik Wetterberg
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Re: Qlik Sense Alternate states

Hi Ali,

I was looking for alternate states implementation but with no extension requirement.

I figured one based on data Island.

Was going to build an example but it's already done on community.

In any case it's still sth you're looking fore here it is:

Kind regards,