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Qlik Sense App Folder Structure


when I going to import a Qlik Sense App into the QMC, Sense store these app direct in the app folder. Is their a possibilty to change that storage destination? I have a folder structure implement into the folder app...


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Re: Qlik Sense App Folder Structure

Hi Hans,

I think you should not face any problem having apps in a folder as long as its in the apps folder. The reason being once the app is published an instance of it iscreated again in the apps folder which would be like this:

sdf97w345jasd878923.qvf (example)



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Re: Qlik Sense App Folder Structure

How to move the storage location of Qlik Sense app data files (QVFs)

Note: the setting in the QMC referred to as Working Folder is not related to the paths of the QVF files. This is the location when apps are reloading that will be used as a default root path when loading data. This is only used when legacy mode is enabled to allow older load scripts with relative paths to work.

  1. 1.      Stop all Qlik Sense services
  2. 2.      Located the file “C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Engine\Settings.ini”
  3. 3.      Open the file in a text editor (note: you may need admin rights to save changes to the file)
  4. 4.      Into the file place the following text, ensure that there is carriage return after the file path

[Settings 7]


Note:  The path used must be a located used exclusively by a single server, it must not be shared by several servers. When needing to use network based file storage it is recommended to attach the storage so that it is seen by windows as a local drive rather than use a network share

  1. 5.      Save the file
  2. 6.      If any QVF files were present prior to the setting change then move all content from C:\programdata\qlik\sense\apps to the new storage location
  3. 7.      Restart the Qlik Sense services
  4. 8.      Test the setting by adding a new app and ensuring that a new file is added to the new directory

Re: Qlik Sense App Folder Structure

This post (Sense Server 2.1 File Storage Locations) by Jonathan Poole is the way to go regarding the Settings.ini file.

Do keep in mind that this isn't a supported method. The easier method is to use Windows junctions.


Re: Qlik Sense App Folder Structure

Hi Levi

Can you please suggest the Folder structure which should be followed in the server. To store apps and store Qvds as well.


Re: Qlik Sense App Folder Structure

Apps are stored either in C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Apps or the configured directory.

QVDs are stored where-ever the organization wants and are referenced in the load scripts using libs (data connections) if using standard mode for the Engine or any file path if using legacy mode. Where you store your QVDs is entirely dependent on the deployment.


Re: Qlik Sense App Folder Structure

Hi Levi,

Thanks for the reply.

I want to know the basic structure like data folder, extract folder.. And which is best folder to store the Qvd files and app files so that it wont cause any trouble while giving access to the users.