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Qlik Sense Binary Load

I'm trying to perform a binary load from qvw file, but I'm getting the following message:

"Data load is complete.

Data had not been loaded. please correct the error and try loading again."

And there is no error message

Apparently I had a problem to perform a binary load while using synthetic keys. when I marked the use of one key as a comment , I had no problem of performing the load

Does qlik sense has a problem with synthetic keys?

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Re: Qlik Sense Binary Load

QlikSense has no problems with synthetic keys.

Can you share the load script?  Probably a syntax error sorted when you commented out the key line.

[P.s.  You have posted this thread more than once.  Can you delete the others to avoid confusion]

Re: Qlik Sense Binary Load

Your synthetic key may cause the table to become to big for load.

As Bill prompted share your script or qvs to give more correct answer.

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