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Qlik Sense - Change Excel Output


I'm facing a Difference between QV & QS.

In QV, no matter if I use a regular table or a pivot table, when I export these, the excel file looks the same - a full data set - Merged

In QS the excel file look as as it seen in the original table - Un-Merged

the problem is that i need to merge the values in all dimensions one by one- and it takes a long time when you have a large data set.

i have to use the pivot since i need the dynamic label in the expressions.

Image attached.


Any ideas?

Thanks in advanced

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Re: Qlik Sense - Change Excel Output

If you are using Qlikview 12.X then

1. you can binary load this Qliksense file into qlikview

2. create your pivot in Qlikview.

3. Export this pivot table your issue will be resolved.



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Re: Qlik Sense - Change Excel Output

Hi Pankaj,

I'm Using Qlik Sense and i need it to be on a regular basis for the users.