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Qlik Sense Cloud Business - Fetch already treated QVD data

Hi guys

I am trying something new for me.

I have a qlik Sense server license where I have a transformation .qvf generating some .qvds somewhere at the company network environment.

We are thinking about acquiring some cloud business licenses.

In cloud business we would like to create apps that consumes these .qvds that already exists.

How can I do that ensuring data security?

I thought about creating a STFP, but in qlik Sense Cloud Business we can only work with FTP.

What other options do i have? Considering I need a place to store my qvds daily freshed and maintaining its security and qvd performance? Which conectors should i use?


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Re: Qlik Sense Cloud Business - Fetch already treated QVD data

As Furtado's answer, Re: Qlik Sense Cloud Business - buscar dados de um qvd já tratado, maybe you should try using Dropbox conector.


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