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Qlik Sense Combo Chart Custom Color control

HI All,

I am new to qliksense and am having issues in designing a combo chart with bars having custom colors.

In the combo chart i have plotted the following:-

a) Dimension as Region (has values AP, NA, EM, LA) in the x-axis

b) Measure 1 which is an aggregate of total students in the y axis

c) Measure 2 which is an aggregate of students present in the y axis

Note: Y axis is represented as dual axis and are not stacked

Both <Measure 1> and <Measure 2> are showing up accurately in the report but i need to display them in specific colors. For now i have chosen the Custom --> Multicolored option.

Can you please guide me on how do i assign the bars for measure 1 and 2, a color of my choice?

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‌i don't think is is available in current release. I know tho so coming in version 3.2 where it can be changed by measure. So wait till get to next release.

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Is there any workaround to achieve this?


As far as i know there is no solution.