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Creator II
Creator II

Qlik Sense DATA issue

Hi all,

I have data coming from Oracle database. Some aggregated value for particular selections are coming to be 10,000 in database. But if I see the same in Qlik Sense the value changes to 25000. I don't know what is causing this. Can anyone suggest any solution?

I also checked the script for different selections, its working fine. But the problem is just with single instance of selection.

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Partner - Specialist III
Partner - Specialist III

Hi Ankusha,

I think if you apply any masters that is affecting on this(Duplicate values in master ) try to base level without any join single qvd.


Arvind Patil

Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist


Very hard to say without more information or specific examples.

Go through calculations, make sure you are pulling the same amount of data as the underlying data for that calculation etc.


Ali A

Creator II
Creator II

Hi Arvind,

I checked my script, there is no way to get a duplicate instance of that value.


It's better to post the Aggregations snippets from Qlik Sense as well as Oracle DB.