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Qlik Sense Data Reduction through QMC

Hi experts

It is possible to segment the data by a field from the qlik sense console?? What do i need for this?

Im thinking that first of all i need groups of users defined in the active directory, for example:

Group1: John, Andreas, Till

Group2: Sergei, Karen

Now in my model i have a field Country that have 2 possible values: Spain, USA. I need that users in Group1 only can see Spain and users in Group2 only can see USA.

I know that this is possible using Section Access...something like this:


ADMIN   , Jhon       , Spain

But it will be awesome if i can do this with the console, but im not sure about the rules that i need.

Hope you can help me!°°

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Re: Qlik Sense Data Reduction through QMC

Did you cleared your issue or requirement, if possible post that, it would be helpful to others.

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Re: Qlik Sense Data Reduction through QMC

Hi Sebastian !!

I think that is not possible by QMC, only in Section Access or in a NPrinting report.

Good Luck!

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