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Qlik Sense Desktop 12.x not starting properly


I've seen this question before here when googling but I can't find a good solution for the issue.

When a non-admin user launches the program through the start menu it doesn't start (visually), all the processes spawn up however according to Task Manager (QlikSense.exe, QlikSenseBrowser.exe, Node.exe etc).

OS: Windows 10 x64 (1709)

Install location: C:\Users\username\Appdata\local\programs\Qlik\...

Someone here on the forums pointed out that running the program as an administrator would solve the problem. When I do that using my administrator account it does work, however we are in a corporate environment where users are not allowed administrative rights.

Someone also mentioned changing the location of the log files to C:\users\%username%\documents which I've tried and which doesn't make any difference.

We use AppLocker, however we've made an exclusion on the installation folder and its allowing the program(s) to run according to event viewer.

Is there another, viable solution, that I could try in this situation?

Kind Regards, Frida