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Qlik Sense Desktop is about to Expire warning

I've been getting this warning the last 2 days whenever I launch the software. I can click through the warning and continue using it but am a bit lost as to what that warning is really about?

I've searched around for information about this and the closest I got to was an FAQ on Qlik Sense where it's stated that the software should never expire; you would only really need to download the latest ver. Qlik Sens, uninstall the previous version then install the new one. That should fix everything.

Since the exact warning message I was experiencing was not stated anywhere; can anyone confirm if the above is the right action to take for the warning message I am receiving?

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Re: Qlik Sense Desktop is about to Expire warning

Sounds like you are running an old version of Qlik Sense, most likely 0.96.

Qlik Sense will prompt you to upgrade as we will ship now versions a few times a year.

You should be fine upgrading however, any apps you already have will/should work in the latest version of Qlik Sense.

Grab the latest release of our software at http://qlik.com/download

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Re: Qlik Sense Desktop is about to Expire warning

Thanks Alexander! I'll update the software! Would be nice if there's an auto-update instead of having to uninstall and install again though

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