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Qlik Sense Desktop web page slow to load charts and KPIs

Hi all,

I am using Qlik Sense Desktop November 2018 Patch 4. I have a web page that contains a set of Qlik Sense charts and KPIs. The page loads instantly, but the charts and KPIs take about 15-20 seconds to show up.

The page is populated with these charts and KPIs using the getObject method in the Qlik Sense App API; the charts and KPIs are stored in a sheet in a QVF file in C:\Users\{myuser}\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Apps. In Chrome dev tools, am seeing very high latency for certain JS libraries caused called by require.js (refer to devtools.png), which I believe is used by the Qlik Sense engine.

I am trying to cut the page loading time to 3 seconds. I can get the time down to 10-15 seconds by removing Vizlib charts and KPIs in the sheet, but are there any other ways to cut down on the loading time? Is Qlik Sense supposed to take this long to load the mashups? 

Note: I did not create the mashup for this page, I only wrote the HTML, CSS, and JS. I am working with another team that created the sheets. According to them, the data is preloaded into the sheet.

Thank you,


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