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Qlik Sense: Dimensions vs Measures

When I bring in a table from an ODBC data source how do I set a column as either a dimension or measure? When I select from the list of available data columns, I can select either Dimension or Measure but measures are showing up in the dimension list and dimensions are showing up in the measure list. How do I define a data column as either dimension or measure so my users can select the appropriate data type?

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Re: Qlik Sense: Dimensions vs Measures

From my limited experience of Qlik Sense, it seemed that all columns are available as both Dimension and Measure. The only difference is that if you bring a column as Dimension, you won't get the option to use Sum, Count, Min, Max or any of those functions, but if you bring it as measure you can use simple and advanced aggregation functions.

Experts please feel free to disagree with me




Re: Qlik Sense: Dimensions vs Measures

I guess its an old thread, but still might come in handy for others (and for me if somebody disagrees with me )

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