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Contributor III
Contributor III

Qlik Sense Enterprise

Hi All,

I am working on Qlik Sense Enterprise version April 2020 release, when I am opening QMC the server refused to connect it. I check all the services, Certificates, and restart the server also but the QMC is showing the same issue.

When I check the log files the bellow message is coming 


183 20200908T012523.025-0700 WARN WIN-JFQ077AMKU1 System.Repository.Repository.Core.Licensing.LicensesInitializer 3 4f3db0f5-8a99-436f-9fe8-fedae832017e WIN-JFQ077AMKU1\Administrator There was an error contacting the license service. Keep retrying... (700 failed requests) GET /v1/licenses/overview StatusCode: InternalServerError Response: . Could not connect to the license service. NO-STACKTRACE 4f3db0f5-8a99-436f-9fe8-fedae832017e

I have also attached the error image and log image.

Kindly suggest me some solution.

Thanks & Regards

Abdul Rauf


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