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Qlik Sense Export

Can this be done?

I have a sheer where the user enters data into variables, selects a date range and select some values.  I would like to capture all of that data into a csv file.  However, I would like that file to be store somewhere on the qlik sense server.

Any ideas?



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Re: Qlik Sense Export

Have you tried using NPrinting ??

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Re: Qlik Sense Export

By default when you export and then download the data it goes directly to the users download folder on their local computer.  Which makes sense.

I am not aware of any setting that you could change to put it somewhere else. And if there was it would most likely be a global change and affect all users and all exports.  Which you probably would not want.

NPrinting might be an option.  But you would have to purchase that.

You could check Qlik Branch to see if there are any extensions out there that might give you this option.

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Re: Qlik Sense Export

yes, but that will not work in our case.  We are looking at JEDOX.

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