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Qlik Sense - Gauge Charts not updating

Hi everyone, this is my first post as I am new to this software.

I have designed a .qvf report where I display a pivot table based on units sold, growth [ACTUALperiod/(LASTperiod-1)-1]; market share [PRODUCTunits / TOTALunits] and Evolution Index [(1+PRODUCTgrowth) / (1+TOTALgrowth) *100]

I am also displaying 3 gauges, one for Growth, one for Market Share and one for Evolution Index. The one for Growth correctly updates itself based on the products I select when clicking on the pivot table, but the other 2 gauges (market share and EI) do not take these filters into account and only show a value of 100. I believe this is due to the fact that the 2 failing gauges are related to total values whilst the growth one does only depend on the row values.

My question is how can I alter the formulas (which I am posting below) in order to have all 3 gauges respect my pivot dinamic selection?

Thanks a lot for your help and I hope I made myself clear, please ask me if I am not! I am also uploading the .qvf in case that helps.


(1+(Sum([Unidades MAT])/sum([Unidades MAT-1])-1))/(1+(Sum(Total([Unidades MAT]))/sum(Total([Unidades MAT-1]))-1))*100


Sum([Unidades MAT])/sum([Unidades MAT-1])-1


Sum([Unidades MAT])/sum(Total([Unidades MAT]))

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