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Qlik Sense Getting Started Webinar Questions

Hi Guys - thanks for joining the Webinar today, 11/20 at 2PM EST. As promised I am posting the questions and responses here for your viewing. If you missed it, you can register for the next one on December 4th at 2PM EST.

Q:  Is there a way to customize colors?  Can we bring in our branded color scheme to apply to graphs/charts?

A) - Yes, however please note that this capability is currently being explored and tested. In regards to what are known as, "themes", - there is an experimental feature that will allow you to test out this capability. - It is possible that it might or might not make it into the product "officially". Please see this community thread and note the answered marked as "Correct": Re: Access to CSS

When Qlik Sense Desktop is started - you can also access the hub and related sheets using a HTML 5 compliant / supported web browser.

Example: the "highvis" configuration style sheet - looks like this on the app we created on the webinar:

http://localhost:4848/sense/app/C%3A\Users\mtarallo.MTARALLO\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Apps\Sales and Profit Analysis/sheet/PSJPgW/state/analysis/theme/highvis

Q:  Can you show us how to export data from the dashboard?

A) - You right click on the chart object and select export data. However, it will only export the dimensions and measures.

Q:  Can you view a QlikView report with Qlik Sense?

A) No - YOU CAN convert a Qlik Sense Application data model to a Qlik Sense Data model and then re-create the visualizations. See this thread for more information:

Q:  my data is coming from sql database -- may have several tables with ID as field name.  Is there a way to define relationships -- an inner join on this or left join on that?

A) Yes - by default - Qlik Sense will automatically join the data in memory as an Outer Join - however using the JOIN syntax you can explicitly join your in the indexed model. Please note this may not always be necessary though. Please review this technical brief for more information on Joins

Q:  What is "entry level" price for paid product?  Least amount to get a server up?  How many seats for designers? Users?

A) - Please contact our sales team for that information.

Q: Does it work on Android tablet?

A) - Yes on most mobile devices that support HTML 5 compliant browsers. iPad - is just Safari at the moment, but I believe Chrome on Android should work well. If not please let us know.

Q: What is "entry level" price for Qlik Sense Desktop

A) - Qlik Sense Desktop is Free to download and use

Q:  Who owns the data that's uploaded to the Qlik Cloud?

A) - To be clear, the only data that is uploaded - is the data that is in the app not your entire data source. The app is secured with a userid and password. You own the app.

Q: Is there a print functionality we can use to print out the finished sheets we have created?

A) - Not yet. There is discussions about solutions around this capability from both our partners and our products team.

Q: Can you show an example of calculating proportions for frequencies lets say for a survey response.

A) - If you mean like a histogram - I have not tested it, but this may be possible using a combo chart or even a single bar chart and our expression syntax. This example applies to QlikView - but you could apply it to Qlik Sense as well.

Q: What other types of analyses can you do?

A) - There are many types of analyses that can be done, it depends however on what you are looking for. If we can get specifcis, we can point you in the right direction. Here is an example of Qlik Sense performing Credit Risk Analysis.

Q: Is there a way to limit data on what a user can see (say by AD) so say a district mgr can see his districts but not others?

A) - Yes - using the Qlik Sense Server and our Data Reduction / Section Access logic.

Q: Will there be a true cloud hosted version (not share with community, share with my organization)

A) - This is a possible direction for our Qlik Cloud product. The capability is there. There isn't any time frame on this just yet.

Hope this was helpful to you all and that you enjoyed the presentation.


Mike Tarallo


Mike Tarallo
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