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Qlik Sense Image and Text Object

In Qlik Sense how can I change Image in Image and Text Object based on GetFieldSelections value via expression.

Thank you,


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Re: Qlik Sense Image and Text Object

Hi Raghav,

I think currently it is not possible to make the image dynamic.

From Qliksense help file.

Editing a text & image

In the text & image visualization you can add and format text, images, measures, and links in various ways.

When you are editing a sheet and the text & image visualization does not have focus, you need to click twice to open the editing toolbar. In the editing toolbar, you can format text properties such as color, size, and style, and also align the text. Additionally, you have options for adding links and images.


Editing toolbar

Creating a link

You can mark a text section and use it for a link.

If you do not add a prefix, http:// is added automatically, assuming that you are adding a web address.

Do the following:

  1. Select the text section that you want to use for the link.
  2. Click é in the editing toolbar to open the link dialog.
  3. Enter the web address that you want to link to.
  4. Click é.

The link is created.

Removing a link

You can remove a link from a text section.Do the following:

  1. Click the link so that the cursor is somewhere inside it.
  2. Click é in the editing toolbar to open the link dialog.
  3. Click Ö.

The link is removed, but not the text.

Adding an image

You can add an image through the editing toolbar. You can use one of the default images, or an image of your own. If you are using Qlik Sense Desktop, you can also use bundled images saved in the qvf file.Do the following:

  1. Click 0 in the editing toolbar.The Media library opens.The following formats are supported: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, and .gif.For Qlik Sense: You need to use the Qlik Management Console to upload images to the default folder. You can upload images to the  In app folder in the media library.For Qlik Sense Desktop: If the default folder is empty, or you want to add your own images, you find the folder at: <user>\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Content\Default. When moving an app between installations, images are bundled and saved in the qvf file together with the rest of the contents of the app. You find the bundled images in the In app folder in the media library.
  2. Click on a folder in the media library, for example In app or Default.
  3. Select the image that you want to add.
  4. Click Insert.

The image is added.In the properties panel, you can add a background image, which, for example, can be used when you want to insert text in the image. The images added through the editing toolbar are not background images.

Adding a measure

You can add a measure in the following ways:

  • By dragging a field from the assets panel and adding it as a measure.
  • By dragging a measure from Master items.
  • By adding a measure (existing or new) from the properties panel.

When you are editing the measure, it is displayed as a token, which can be styled and moved around in the visualization. You can also apply number formatting to it. When you leave the editor, the measure value is displayed . Values that cannot be aggregated are shown as a hyphen (-).

Deleting a measure

You can delete a measure in the following ways:

  • Place the cursor before the token and press Delete.
  • Place the cursor after the token and press Backspace.
  • In the properties panel, long-touch/right-click the measure and select Delete in the dialog.
  • In the properties panel, click the measure and click DeleteÖ.
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Re: Qlik Sense Image and Text Object

Thank you, Jagan...

Here my concern is how to get the uploaded media links in Qlik Sense Serevr i.e. below is the reference which will work on Qlik View. are we having any similar expression in Sense too.











Thank you.



Re: Qlik Sense Image and Text Object


I think it is not available in Qliksense right now.

mto‌ please confirm.




Re: Qlik Sense Image and Text Object

Hi All - Yes Jagan you are correct, as the IMG used in the app is not dynamic reference in the data model, it is pulled from the repository / directory  - so not in the box UI, / script - but with the JavaScript API it could possibly be done.

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Mike Tarallo