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Qlik Sense KML Maps - Coloring by measure issue


I need your help in the following:

I am working on QLik Sense Desktop 3.2 SR2. I have 3 connected tables:

  • KML Table that contains city's name and Area (Key: Company Location)
  • Company table that contains "Company Name" and "Company Location" (Linked to the KML table using Company Location field)
  • Fact table that contains a field called Quantity and linked to the Company table using the field "Company Name"

I am trying to add a KML map. The cities are correct, I have tried many dimensions such as Company(area), company Location(area)...

When I color the map by measure (sum(Quantity)) I have a variation of colors, i mean the color differs between cities but the value is always giving 4.28G. I have tried to change the measure and I still have this value disregarding the measure. I have tried to add the legend, it gave me correct results.

(Screenshot attached)

Please advice and Thank you in advance,

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